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Twitter correspondent appointed – fad or first of many?

Sky News has appointed a Twitter Correspondent but I find myself agreeing with the sentiments expressed in this Guardian blog over the relevance, use and potential life span of such a post.  And why do I feel in my bones that there is more than a hint of stunt to the new job title?


March 6, 2009 at 12:08 pm 1 comment

Social Media, Social Good – ‘Twestival’ comes to Auckland

Sometimes it is easy to wonder what social media channels are for. Just a load of old blather or tools capable of actually accomplishing something? Well Twitter, that much vaunted platform that I have had something of a love-hate relationship with since its launch, has a bit of a test on tomorrow with Twestival, a ‘global’ get-together for Twitters and friends in 100 + cities around the world. All funds raised go to Water, a charity that aims to help bring clean water to the 1.1billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean, safe water supplies. A good cause indeed and an interesting test of Twitter power.  We know the reach will be wide, but how will it result in a good turnout?

The Auckland Twestival kicks off in Sale Street tomorrow at 5pm onwards and if you want more info, then the Auckland Twestival page is here or you can find it from the PRiNZ Facebook page. Maybe see you there.

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