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Twitter correspondent appointed – fad or first of many?

Sky News has appointed a Twitter Correspondent but I find myself agreeing with the sentiments expressed in this Guardian blog over the relevance, use and potential life span of such a post.  And why do I feel in my bones that there is more than a hint of stunt to the new job title?


March 6, 2009 at 12:08 pm 1 comment

“Communications” makes it into quotation marks

I was intrigued by this article in the UK’s Telegraph.  Not because of the figures it puts forward on public relations spending, but because  “communications” appears in quotation marks.  Why should this be significant or even noteworthy?  Well, around nineteen years ago, public relations started to appear in quotation marks when under discussion in mainstream media. Gradually, the quotation marks disappeared and blatant sniping and criticism of all things public relations began in earnest.  Not long after this came the “rebranding” of public relations roles with communication or communications frequently used as a substitute and means of distance from the barrage of disfavour.   Does the appearance of new quotation marks mean that “communication” will also fall victim to mainstream media bracketing?  And if this change is on the wind, shouldn’t each one of us be doing something about it now?

January 19, 2009 at 3:17 pm 2 comments

Good resolutions for 2009

Amazing. 2009 already. Lots of resolutions on the go – I know it’s old hat but I still try to improve when I see a whole new year stretching ahead. I was wondering what good resolutions could be made by practitioners over the next twelve months. I hope that top of the list is proper measurement and evaluation of their work – still far too many people counting clippings and thinking that will do. Well the hot news is that clip counting does not cut the mustard. Research, plan and demonstrate tangible results using the many tools now available to us.  Measure the relationship shift, not the column inches.

Next, I hope that anyone still locked into thinking that public relations and communication management begins and ends with mainstream media wakes up and smells the digital coffee – public relations is about building and sustaining relationships and we use many channels – including but not restricted to mainstream media – to do this.

Last but not least, using and implementing the PRiNZ Code of Ethics. Easily achieved resolution – download it and stick it on the wall as a permanent guide and reminder for all to see.  I for one am looking forward to anything and everything the ethics committee may have to say in the coming months.

So there sit my hopes – what would yours be?

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