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‘Trust Barometer’ puts melamine scandal ahead of the rest

The Edelman Trust Barometer has been published in executive summary form – you can find it here – with the full report available in February. From a New Zealand perspective, it is worth noting the introduction to this ‘global’ research which reads:

“The 10th edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer reports on a year unlike any other. Government bailed out banks in New York and London. Melamine-laced baby formula rolled off assembly lines into the homes of Chinese parents.”

Other snippets from Richard Edelman’s YouTube clips include the fact that CEO credibility has hit a new low – he describes it as ‘Enron like levels’ – and that CEOs are viewed as being ‘somewhere between villain, liar and incompetent’.

While this annual survey is dubbed ‘global’ it is worth noting that only 20 countries are included (out of a possible 194), New Zealand doesn’t feature in it, yet again, and in reporting the results, Edelman still has a very US centric view rather than what I would consider to be a truly global take.  That said, I think it would be interesting to see how Fonterra would fare in any trust survey carried out here – certainly at the present time.

Trust and confidence underpin good relationships and, as we are in the business of building and sustaining relationships, the issue of trust is one that should be of considerable concern to us all.  Part of the survey looks at the impact failed trust has on the ‘bottom line’ with the majority of the 4000 or so respondents indicating that if they did not trust a company they simply would not buy their products. Nothing new there for practitioners as it is a gong we have been banging for many years, but maybe it will give others a wee jolt in the right direction.

As an aside, Edelman have included a neat little comprehension/action monitor in their publishing mix with the Trust Quiz – nice way of looking at the out-takes and reach of their campaign.


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“Communications” makes it into quotation marks

I was intrigued by this article in the UK’s Telegraph.  Not because of the figures it puts forward on public relations spending, but because  “communications” appears in quotation marks.  Why should this be significant or even noteworthy?  Well, around nineteen years ago, public relations started to appear in quotation marks when under discussion in mainstream media. Gradually, the quotation marks disappeared and blatant sniping and criticism of all things public relations began in earnest.  Not long after this came the “rebranding” of public relations roles with communication or communications frequently used as a substitute and means of distance from the barrage of disfavour.   Does the appearance of new quotation marks mean that “communication” will also fall victim to mainstream media bracketing?  And if this change is on the wind, shouldn’t each one of us be doing something about it now?

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