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Twitter correspondent appointed – fad or first of many?

Sky News has appointed a Twitter Correspondent but I find myself agreeing with the sentiments expressed in this Guardian blog over the relevance, use and potential life span of such a post.  And why do I feel in my bones that there is more than a hint of stunt to the new job title?


March 6, 2009 at 12:08 pm 1 comment

Copyright changes kick off major web campaign

In case you haven’t caught the furore over what has been dubbed the ‘Guilt Upon Accusation law ‘Section 92A‘, check out the the Internet Blackout NZ campaign – joined today by the very high profile Stephen Fry, who microblogged it through his Twitter channel. Even if you don’t join the blackout, you really should be up to date on what’s going on – it is something that could impact on any practitioner, any time, any where.
New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

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Will Wikipedia row signal beginning of end for open editing?

The current Wikipedia row over edit rights might just be the shut-down signal for open editing.  Potentially, the consequences are significant as the action may be viewed by other social media applications as an indication that it is acceptable to filter supplied information.  One of the many appeals of this type of social media application has been the ability to instantly publish information as well as being actively involved in creation and development of a valuable resource. Wikipedia’s particular appeal was that anyone could – and should – contribute to shared knowledge within a self-policing structure – and it worked, as recent research has shown.  Wikipedia was one of the early influencer applications and its format and ethos encouraged large numbers of people to participate and form communties online.  If Wikipedia begins to filter edits, as it suggests it will do, it is entirely possible that the flat structure it has encouraged and helped to develop over the last seven years or so will diminish, reforming once again as old-style information hierarchies.  Without doubt, such a change would be to the considerable detriment of all businesses and organisations –  private or public –  and the communities they serve.

Personally, I hope widespread filtering doesn’t occur as the many people who have found a voice using digital applications will suddenly find themselves once again unable to speak and express their views – and we will be all the poorer for not being able to listen so effectively to our communities.

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“Communications” makes it into quotation marks

I was intrigued by this article in the UK’s Telegraph.  Not because of the figures it puts forward on public relations spending, but because  “communications” appears in quotation marks.  Why should this be significant or even noteworthy?  Well, around nineteen years ago, public relations started to appear in quotation marks when under discussion in mainstream media. Gradually, the quotation marks disappeared and blatant sniping and criticism of all things public relations began in earnest.  Not long after this came the “rebranding” of public relations roles with communication or communications frequently used as a substitute and means of distance from the barrage of disfavour.   Does the appearance of new quotation marks mean that “communication” will also fall victim to mainstream media bracketing?  And if this change is on the wind, shouldn’t each one of us be doing something about it now?

January 19, 2009 at 3:17 pm 2 comments

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