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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bebo… An Evening of Social Media!

By Romy Grbic

So PRINZ held its monthly networking event last week. Only difference to every other month? A 40-strong waiting list. Why? We used the current buzzwords: Social Media.

The evening consisted of 5 social media ‘experts’ (though they are the first to point out that no one is a social media ‘expert’) discussing how they and their companies are using social media to their advantage. Tim Nichols from 2degrees opened the discussion with a brief overview of what 2degrees is trying to achieve by using social media as their main source of advertising, meaning they can personally engage with their audience. Without actually telling anyone about the launch of the ‘great New Zealand chinwag’ it took only 12 minutes for it to get tweeted about. 2degrees utilises Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – they prefer to concentrate the energy they put into social media where they feel appropriate, rather than spread themselves thinly across all facets.

Duncan Blair was the second speaker of the evening, telling tales of how he has resolved problems that customers of Orcon have had via social media. His words of advice? Take advantage of the free tools that are available, his favourites being Twitter Search, Google Alerts and Icerocket. He also suggests that companies conduct their own social media practices, rather than their PR person doing it for them – to keep the authenticity of their words. How do PR people feel about this?

Last to do a presentation was James Stewart from Made from New Zealand. Made from New Zealand has a vision of bringing all New Zealand businesses online and creating their own ‘social network’. They are building what seems like their own version of Facebook – to connect New Zealand businesses with one another. Very clever stuff, I thought. According to James, the aspects of social media imperative to building your business are a blog, Twitter, Facebook – and of course Made from New Zealand. James closed his presentation by telling us that companies – big or small – should get themselves on YouTube. James is a strong advocate for video marketing and says that even with a small handycam or built in webcam, anyone can break into the YouTube market. And according to him, this is an active one and getting in is well worth it.

All in all it was a very successful evening, bar the fact that one of the panel turned up at the wrong venue – but he did make it to the right one, without missing too much of the action. Delicious food, plenty of drinks, and some very interesting speakers – especially nice for the younger generation to have speakers we can relate to! The videos of the evening are also now available for those of you who didn’t make it at (free viewing for PRINZ members, for non-members to view there is a small charge – please contact the PRINZ office).

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PR builds brand for complex products better than Ads

By Stephen Knightly
Text 100’s  ( Media Prominence Study suggests that public relations (they evaluated media relations specifically) may have a greater impact than advertising on brand value – especially for feature-rich, high-involvement and complicated products such as consumer electronics, and financial services and vehicles

The study calculates brand value based on Interbrand’s 2008 Best Global Brands report, show that on average 27% of brand value is tied to how often the brand name appears in the press.  For technology and computing brands (eg, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Dell…) 48% of brand value was explained by media prominence. 23% for car brands, 20% for consumer electronics and 19% for financial services.

The full report is available from Text 100’s local partner Pursuit PR’s website.

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