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PRINZ and CAANZ Marcomms group

By Paul Dryden

There’s been quite a bit of noise about the new marcoms sub-committee that has been established within CAANZ.

 I met with Rick Osborne to discuss this when I first got wind of it. This move offers an existing group of his stakeholders a voice that they have not had.

 PRINZ membership is composed of practitioners working in all facets of the public relations and communication management space – about 30% being consultants.

 A subset of those is integrated within larger advertising and full service agencies. They remain committed PRINZ members and PRINZ Fellow, Claudia Macdonald who is chairing the CANZ sub-committee says. “The new CAANZ marcoms sub-committee is committed to working collaboratively with PRINZ (and the newly formed Experiential Marketing Association EMANZ) on areas of mutual interest.  This could be anything from professional development courses to profile raising of the profession.  The activities will be complementary rather than competitive and the committee’s establishment is an indication that PR in all its forms is doing well.

 Rather than individual practitioners, the committee represents marcoms companies, through the heads of an agency or marcoms department within a larger agency group involved in marketing communications, ambient, experiential or events.”

 PRINZ has good relationships with a number of other membership organisations including FINZ (Fund raising), IAB (Internet Advertising), Marketing association as well as CAANZ. We have reciprocal rights for events with these groups, and are also talking with them about collaborating on events staged in places like Christchurch and some of the provincial centres.


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